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Part No. Fin. Size (W) Length Wt.
U15L315 HG 150mm 3M 22.14
U15L320 HG 200mm 3M 22.71
U15L330 HG 300mm 3M 23.86
U15L340 HG 400mm 3M 25.00
U15L345 HG 450mm 3M 25.57
U15L360 HG 600mm 3M 27.29
U15L375 HG 750mm 3M 31.15
U15L380 HG 800mm 3M 31.86
U15L390 HG 900mm 3M 33.29
U15L600 HG 1000mm 6M 69.44
U15L615 HG 150mm 6M 44.28
U15L620 HG 200mm 6M 45.42
U15L630 HG 300mm 6M 47.71
U15L645 HG 450mm 6M 51.14
U15L650 HG 500mm 6M 52.29
U15L660 HG 600mm 6M 54.58
U15L675 HG 750mm 6M 62.29
U15L690 HG 900mm 6M 66.58
U15L315 SS 150mm 3M 21.60
U15L320 SS 200mm 3M 22.15
U15L330 SS 300mm 3M 23.24
U15L345 SS 450mm 3M 24.89
U15L350 SS 500mm 3M 25.44
U15L360 SS 600mm 3M 26.53
U15L375 SS 750mm 3M 30.38
U15L390 SS 900mm 3M 32.46
U15L600 SS 1000mm 6M 67.71
U15L615 SS 150mm 6M 43.20
U15L630 SS 300mm 6M 46.49
U15L645 SS 450mm 6M 49.78
U15L660 SS 600mm 6M 53.07
U15L675 SS 750mm 6M 60.76
U15L690 SS 900mm 6M 64.93